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GREUBEL FORSEY Tourbillon Watch 24 Seconds Watch Salmon Dial Real-time Operation

Someone purchases Greubel Forsey timepieces (of course, they can afford it), which is mainly due to the recognized finishing and visual details of Swiss brands. I sometimes call it "surfaced" because people at Greubel Forsey seem to be investing more time and energy (compared to many other high-end brands) to ensure that all materials and parts of the surface enter where the watch looks as much as possible "perfect". The Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision watch is clearly visible with an eel dial, and we will be there today.

Surface perfection is one of the areas where high-end Swiss watch brands tend to continue to beat other brands. Yes, there is a craftsman or a grand Seiko expert. They also like to express the details in their own unique style, but no one seems to be Greubel Forsey, because not only does each watch have to continue to apply a lot of artificial time, but Also passed the "magnifying glass test."wholesale Richard Mille RM 028 replica watches

What is a "magnifying glass test"? Called an informal method, enthusiasts can use it to determine the quality of the visible surface of the watch, including the case, the dial, and of course movement. “Magnifying glass” is just an industry term for a small eye patch-type magnifying glass. Traditionally, watchmakers and jewelers have been using hands-free hands-free hands when using a magnifying glass to inspect small areas. This is also how people see small finishing errors and other cosmetic abnormalities, otherwise it is not so obvious with the naked eye.




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